Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Quick shout out to KRAM for starting his blog or shall i say "glob."  Welcome to the blog world fam.  

On his blog he posted a video that I haven't seen in awhile.  And I haven't heard the song in awhile either.  So i'm gonna post it on my blog.  HAHA!  I've had a pretty Sh*tty beginning to the week.  I'm not really gonna get into it anymore because it is what it is.  Well here is the song.  Hope yall enjoy it.

So Into You/ Tamia

I know that i said to myself that I was gonna stay off the emo sh*t for a hot sec.  But dam this song just makes you happy.  Ya dig!  It just makes you think of that someone that is dope!  



I always liked dancing ever since I was a lil kid.  People still don't believe me when I tell them that my grammar school had a break dancing class or that other schools would come to our school to battle. LOL!  Growing up I always learned the new dances whether if it was doing the Whop, THE BUTT or the RUNNING MAN.  So I wanted to do a top 5 list of RO's favorite dance moves. 


This dance even had its own song.  The song he dances to in the video is the Ed Lover Dance song.  Dude was a fool for this one.  But every time this song was played everyone did the dance.  Don't get this dance mixed up with the Humpty dance because they are pretty similar.



I never really new how to do the Harlem shake but I thought it was fresh when seeing little kids doing this dance especially my younger cousins.  If I new how to do this dance though I think I would be fresh at it.



Don't even front you know damn well yall thought this was the freshest dance.  Its a two person dance and that tapping your toe to your partner toes was pretty fresh.  I still see people doing this dance .  I still do it.  But for fun!


People just go APE-SH*T when they hear this song.  The footwork is Banana's!  You know when you heard this song in the club you started to WALK IT OUT.  


Peep Turk from SCUBS doing the running man.  He is on point.  To me this is the best dance move ever.  You can add other dance moves with this dance.  And you know once you hear some BELL BIV DEVOE you instantly do the RUNNING MAN (no relation to the Arnold movie)  Be on the lookout if you see me around at a club I will bust out the illest running man you have ever seen!!



Did the title scare you?  hahahah

This is a new Alicia Keys Joint with that Pale dude from the White Stripes, Jack White.  I'm not really feeling this song but A. Keys looks mad hot in this video or maybe I am on serious beast mode.  Tell me what you think about this R&B/Rock song.  

Another Way To die/ Alicia Keys feat. Jack White

Monday, September 29, 2008


So I'm on youtube searching for the Slum Village "Selfish" video which is one of my favorite songs.  And I come across this video that has John Legend doing a live remix of the song.  Sh*t is pretty hot.  I never new he did a remix for this song.  If anyone has an MP3 of this song let me know.  

Selfish Remix/ John Legend

And here is the Original version 

Selfish/ Slum Village Feat. Kanye West and John Legend

" I wish my arms were long enough to hug you all at the same time"


Music video of the day

This way/ Dilated Peoples feat. Kanye West

This joint came out in 2004 and when I heard it I was like OMG!! This is straight up flames!  I remember going to the SCHOOL SPIRIT concert which had Kanye, Dilated Peoples and Young Gunz on the bill and I was so amped up when I heard them perform this song live.  It was N8, Mj, Me and Teresa and I think we all went BONKERS!!

"my white girl wants to move back to Michigan, I'm pulling girls off the bench like a sixth-man"


Always know your surroundings and who is around you when having conversations that others may think are inappropriate.  Which is the reason why my contract at Genentech got terminated.

I value friendship.

I gotta Keep it moving in every aspect of life.

Sometimes I wonder if i will ever catch a break.

I hate it when people say, "its not the end of the world" or "it could be worse."  I know its not the end of the world or no one will be alive.  And No it can't be worse right now because right now this is what I'm going through.

My fantasy football team sucks balls (no homo)

Sometimes I wish i could just runaway from everything.  But I don't do sh*t like that.

Would you trip if we weren't friends anymore.  I know i would.

Times are gonna be tough but i swear im gonna get through it, so help me God.

" if the opportunity never comes, create it!"

 These songs portray my thoughts and feelings as of right now


FYI:  The title of this entry is from the De la Soul song "Saturdays"

So when I found out my coworker Sean reads my blog I asked him what I should write about.  His answer was for me to write about my Saturday.  So Sean here it goes.......

So the past Saturday went like this:

Woke up around 10am ish I think?  

kicked it at a friends house until around 12 noon.  I didn't want to leave tho.

left her house and got stuck in traffic on the 101 going back to San Francisco.  Dam since I haven't been driving for a hot second I completely forgot how much I hate sitting in traffic.

Got back to the pad around 1:30 pm.  It took me an hour and a half to get back to my place in the Sunset district from Foster City.  That's just ridiculous!!  ( at least i don't have to worry about that drive again)

I was suppose to get ready for a Fundraiser picnic but I was too tired and passed out on the couch.  

Woke up around 6:30pm to get ready to have dinner with Kram, Stergeron and Reegsta at this hole in the wall Korean Spot on Taravel (yes Taravel that some person calls Chinatown) which is really close to my pad.  I forgot the name of the place but it is really good.  We ordered way to much but like Stergeron says, " it is better to be full then to be hungry."  I think that's what he said.  Haha!  If you want to read about the place hit up reegsta.com I think he will do a review on the place in the next couple of days.  Order the Small pieces of fried chicken.  Its HELLA good.  12 peices for 10.99.

After dinner we went to my place to kick it for a hot second and watched a few episodes of Gangland.  Kram and Reegsta left my place around 10ish.  My bad yall for fallen asleep I was just mad tired.  Around 10:30 my Homie Boogie Brown calls me and asks if I'm ready to go to Milk because he was about to leave his place in 5 mins to come and get me.  I told him can you leave around 11pm because i am hella tired.

Get to Milk around 11:30pm and I'm glad I went.  Had to support the Homie Dj Neo Geo because it was his 31st bday.  And wanted to support The folks at Flavor of the month.  It was there 5th year anny.  Peep suckafreeze.com for flicks.  I Had a few drinks and danced with my dance partner Dj Roza.  But I must say I got a lil irked towards the end of the night because some beezie that I met outside was judging me.  I was like "YO YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME, DON'T EVER JUDGE MY INTELLIGENCE!"  This chick was all trying to tell me that I was acting immature, because I was drunk and I was calling myself the self proclaimed "King of the sunset."  HAHA!  Don't get all up tight because no one is talking to your ass as I am talking to your homegirl and everyone who is outside with us are kickin it and no one is including you in the conversation.  So I had to shut her up really quick.  

Left Milk around 2am after meeting the owner of the Milk.  Dude was cool.  DEC 5th mark that date on your calendar.  Its gonna be an epic event.  BADBOY meets DEATHROW w/ Dj's Apollo and Sake one.  And Celebrating the Birthday of BoogieBrown and Many others.  Hopefully this other person I know will let me throw her a party there that night too.  well anyways. Sorry for the shameless plug.

Get to Seniores to around 2:30am order a chicken and Garlic slice of pizza and notice how many drunk people are all in this spot.  Around 10 drunk Russian guys and girls come in singing "Whatever You Like" by T.I and Boogiebrown and I are just cracking up.  Then one of the Russian dudes comes up to me and asks if I'm still ballin.  It took me awhile for me to recognize this fool.  I used to ball on this dude at Westlake gym.  This dude was all on my jock telling my homie that I was ill and that my shot was deadly.  Boogiebrown can co-sign that.  

get home around 3:30am and pass out



Friday, September 26, 2008



"if it isn't love, why do i feel this way?  Why does she stay on my mind?"  As said by NEW EDITION in there song "If It isn't love" and that is exactly the way I feel right now.  

Have you ever fallen for someone that you know you can never get?  Lets take it a notch higher.. Have you ever fallen for someone that you can never get and that person is your friend?  If you have then you know how much it sucks.  Some of you may know her but the ones that don't she is really a great person which is one reason why I fell for her once again.  You maybe asking yourself why did he say "once again?"  Well around 2 years ago I was blessed to meet this young lady.  At that time I was still on my " I don't give a f*&K" steeze.  I wasn't gonna trip over a chick because prior to that I was in a long relationship that ended sour because I was played 3 times.  We don't even have to get in this subject right now.  Lets just say my ex made me not care about chicks or even myself.  So anyways lets get back on track......So I met this lady and we dated for a little while.  I loved being around this girl.  She opened my eyes to what it was like dating someone with child.  I became more of a patient person because of her.  She's a real chick, she doesn't sugarcoat anything.  She helped me become a better person.  So to keep a long story short I messed up a few times.  Nothing like dating another chick at the same time as i was dating her.  But i wasn't real with her or real with myself.  So we stopped dating and actually didn't speak to each other for almost a year.  When we stopped dating or even talking to each other I was determined to get her back into my life because she made it that better.  So this year she forgave me and accepted me back as a friend.  But the more i hung out with her the more my feelings started to get stronger and stronger.  Yes I know she is my friend but how are you suppose to stop these feelings for someone that you really adore.  To that point that i feel that she is the missing puzzle piece to complete my puzzle.  Knowing that she reads this blog this could make me look really stupid.  But Love makes you do stupid sh*t like this.  You can call me stupid for even falling for her because I know I won't get her back in my life like that.  But like I said earlier I can't stop these feelings from happening.  I can truly say that I have only been in love with 2 chicks.  My ex and i lost that love along long time ago and now this girl who pretty much got me when I first seen her at Poleng lounge.   You know i could say some sh*t like, "dam i need to get back to the real Roland and not give a rats ass"  but that ain't the real me.  This is the real me.  This is how real as it gets.  Will I ever get what I want?  Probably not.  Regardless she will always be that person who I can always call a friend.  Yeah Yeah.  I'm a big softy.  Everybody has a soft side.


Getting tatted up on Sunday.  Do I get it on my chest or forearm. "body tatted up like a subway in harlem"

I got all these XL dress shirts from like 3 years ago that were barely worn.  Can someone recommend me a tailor.  

I am still on my RnB steeze.

No mandatory OT tonite.  What to do?

I started to bump John Legends ONCE AGAIN again.  I forgot how good this album is.

Its been a min.  I need to go hunting again.  If you know what I mean.

I hope I don't get bored this weekend or I'm gonna do something stupid like go shopping.

I got no roommates this weekend which means I got the house to myself.  

The Dim sum KINGS haven't been to Dim Sum King in a min.

I missed another FOODIE night.  This sucks.

Do people notice what's in front of them?

We need to play in the Golden Gate Sports and Social Club Football league next season.  We need to redeem ourselves.

We really need to try that Korean Spot near the crib and then go to 99 Chicken.

There are a lot of weirdo's that work in my dept.  including myself.

I can't find the words.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Since I deleted my old blog and started this new one I was asked by 2 of my readers to post the poem I wrote called THE ONE again.  One person said he wanted to use the poem..LOL!  And I'm not sure why the other person wanted it up again.  Well here it is again for your reading pleasure.  I also added 2 bars to this poem.


The one is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you wake up,
The one is the person you fight with to kiss and make up.
The one is there for you when your out of luck,
The one is worth more then a million bucks.

The one is what you miss when that one is not around,
The one can act serious and act like a clown.
The one is the shit at everything they do,
The one is babe, hun and boo.

The one is the one that you never let go,
The one makes you a better person as you grow.
The one is versatile in the game,
The one will put you in your place and put you to shame.

The one makes you complete before you become ONE,
The one is the moon while you are the sun.
The one will dislike you at times,
The one is number ONE not 2, 3, 4 or five.

The one is the person you would do anything for to a certain degree,
The one is the person you will try to always make happy.
The one is your "righty" while you are "the lefty,"
The one at times can act a lil bitchy.

The one will think that you are just sprung,
The one will make you frustrated and make you stick out your tongue. (at them)
The one might make you want to throw in the towel and quit,
The one will know then that you are persistent.

The one makes you think outside the box,
The one will make you crazy and drink a bottle of scotch.
The one makes you do things you don't normally do,
The one brings out the words I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU.


I had the weirdest but coolest experience today in the grocery store this morning.  I was in the meat section (no homo)  buying meat to make pot roast and some random woman I think she was probably in her late 20's came up to me and said, " You are a good looking dude!"  I'm thinking to myself WTF!  Where the hell did that come from?  How do you respond to something like that especially when that never happened to me in my life.  So I just said, "Thank You" and went on with my grocery shopping.  What was I suppose to do?  Keep talking to her and ask for her number?  I thought to myself I should just play it cool and just say Thanks and walk away. Have you ever seen a Dark dude blush before?  If not you should have seen my face.  Well I couldn't tell because there was no mirror around but I could feel it.  How exactly do you respond to something like that?  Getting compliments on how Good looking you are always happens to woman.  But it never happens to a husky Filipino dude.  LOL!  Don't get me wrong I don't think I'm an ugly dude but I know what makes the opposite sex attracted to me is my personality.  Who knows she could of went up to me as a practical joke or something like that but I'd rather think of it as a compliment.  hahahaha.  So I thank you random chick in the meat section for that wonderful compliment.  You surely made my day and boosted my Confidence + 1.  Now I kinda know how KRAM feels.  LOL! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Peep this kid Marquise Walker.  He got crazy handles and court vision.  All I can say is WOW!


Not sure how long Karina Pasian has been in the game but people in the industry are calling this 17yr old the next Alicia Keys.  If you want more info....Google her.  This joint is fire! 



Music Video of the day

ASK OF YOU/ Raphael Saadiq 
This is my favorite Raphael Saadiq joint.  This song was off the Higher Learning Soundtrack.  Hopefully y'all remember this song.  If not, enjoy.


Third installment of TELL ROLS WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT

Sharebare gave me this idea.  Thanks again and i hope you enjoy.  Quick plug

Disclaimer:  If you fall in one of these categories and are offended by this.  Tough Shit!

I know I am not the only person who observes what kind of woman are in the Club but if i am then i must be a weirdo.  So anyways... from my observations I have come up with 5 categories for what type of woman I notice in the club.   Also i will let you know from my experience which type of chick you want to talk to or to dance with.



Sometimes its instant when you notice that a chick is in a relationship because they may end up going to the spot with a male companion.  Regardless if that's her boyfriend or not, you want to leave this woman alone.  My reason to leave this type of chick alone at the club is because if that was her boyfriend and he sees you talking to her he may just get upset and fists may be thrown.  Also in an environment that has liquor present its not a good idea because anger can be triggered easy.  If she came with just a male friend.  80% of the time she brought a male companion just so no other dude will hit on her because she is in a relationship or she just doesn't want to be bothered.  So i usually leave these ones alone.  Sometimes you can get lucky because if you are like me not looking to holler at a chick in the club and just dance then these chicks know that you are harmless and that you just want to have fun.  These chicks are probably one of my favorite type of chicks to dance with.  



If you know one of these type of chicks then that is a plus!  Because they can get you into any club you want to without waiting in line.  Usually they are working the door or they know the person throwing the party.  These chicks are pretty much local celebrities they are total "scenesters" that know everyone.  But that's whats wrong with them.  They know everyone because of the nightlife.  You can bet that you will see them at every party you attend.  Also they usually don't branch away from there popular friends so don't expect to get a dance with them.



These chicks are straight eye-candy.  They are the chicks that are dressed in short skirts tank tops and heels.  These chicks are great to look at and all but that's about it.  Remember i am going off what i like and I'm not really into these type of chicks.  If you like these type of chicks then feel free to ask them to dance.  50% of them will say yes but you have to show them attention in the club and when i say attention.  I mean DRINKS!  If you are the type that likes to "freak" on these chicks this is your best bet.    



The birthday party chick is the chick that you want to meet at the club.  These chicks are fun to hangout with because 1.  They are there to celebrate someones party or maybe even themselves.  2. They are down to get FUCKED UP!  You don't even have to go up to them and ask if they want to dance.  All you gotta do is just enter there "circle" while they are dancing and just start dancing with them.  You will either end up dancing with one of them or maybe even all the chicks in the party.  LOL!  Don't expect to get there numbers because they are there just to have a good time.  So don't even think about asking.



a FUN GIRL is best described as the chick that asks you to dance.  They will either notice that you are peeping her so they will make the first move or they just notice you.  These chicks are rare though.  So if a FUN GIRL approaches you be prepared and make sure your game is tight.  You may just end up having the best time you ever had at a club and even met a new friend.  

Remember these are my personal observations so i can be totally wrong.  

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Second installment of TELL ROLS WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT:

  So I get an email from my old coworker from Kendall Wilkinson Design and she tells me that she's been reading my blog.  I'm like, "holy crap, are you serious?"  Because i'm all wondering how would she know that I started a blog, then I remembered I used to advertise my blog on bulletins on Myspace.  So she gave me the subject for my next blog entry for TELL ROLS WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT and its WHAT KIND OF WOMAN DOES ROLS LIKE?  It's pretty broad but i will work with it.  Thanks Julie for the idea.  Hopefully I don't disappoint.

What kind of woman does Rols like?  I pretty much like them all.  I don't discriminate I love all woman from different nationalities.  White, black (light skinned is preferred) Asian, Latina, Indian (red dot or feather) the list keeps going.  But the real question is do these races other then Asian chicks feel me.  And as of right now it doesn't seem like it. Since majority of the woman I've dated or slept with are all of the Asian decent expect one white chick ( I can blog about that another time).  OK lets get back on track.....

Im a total sucker for chicks with mad personality.  Chicks with a sense of humor are straight up DOO DOO meaning the SHIT!  I love chicks that can make me laugh because in return I hope I can do the same.  I'm also into woman who are smart I'm not saying that you have to have a degree or anything i just want to make sure that we can have adult conversations not just conversations about what he or she is doing with you know who.  You feel me?  To me personality overtakes looks.  But if the woman has The looks too that's just an added bonus!  I know y'all probably don't believe me so i guess i will just continue to the looks department.  

Like I just said earlier Personality is key to me when looking for a mate.  But i know that i may be picky at times in the looks department.  I'm not really into tall woman.  The tallest Chick i dated was 5ft 7 she basically went up to my nose.  I'm not really into tall woman because I'm not really into chicks with big feet.  Haha!  Yes! I'm a foot and toes guy.  I love woman's feet remember only the pretty clean ones.  I owe it all to the Movie BOOMERANG.  I'm also not into skinny woman.  I need a woman with meat on her.  I need a woman who is in the weight range of 110-150.  I like them thick!  I need something to grab on and i don't mean her ribs that are showing or a chicks six pack.  That shit is just way to gross.  Chicks with six packs are disgusting.  why the hell would i want a chick with a six pack when i don't have one.  I like a chick with a lil baby phat around her waist.   LOL!  OK what I'm about to say maybe a lil graphic or might be T.M.I but I need to see the waves and the ripples when I'm hitting that from behind. It just looks great!!!!  Yes i know I'm  disgusting but hey this is my blog not yours.  When asked if I'm a Breasts or Ass man i reply with the answer "Both."  I love both.  I love them equally.  They both feel good in my hands.  

So that pretty much sums it up.  I like all types of woman that are thick in the range of 110-150.  I love pretty feet and toes.  I'm a breast and ass man.  I hate six packs on chicks.  I love seeing the waves during the nasty.  I like them funny and smart.  

Currently and i won't front for the past year and a half this is the characteristics of the woman (singular)  i have been feeling.

Great Personality:  she is smart, independent, hella funny,  bitchy, loving, rude, has a nasty mouth, nerdy, thoughtful and hella REAL.

Looks:  Beautiful, sexy, plain jane, thick, pretty feet and cute toes, versatile, clean skin.

I know i probably left out a few traits here and there but ALL I CAN SAY SHE IS THE COMPLETE PACKAGE!


Remember this isn't class so don't critique my grammar cuz i really don't give a crap!  haha

Monday, September 22, 2008


Do people actually listen to music or do they just skim through it?  I know I for one listen to the music.  Lyrics is very important to me not just the beat.

I wonder how many people actually read this blog?

The more spins I give this new NEYO album the more I'm feeling it. (no homo)

I'm starting to feel my age.  I was falling asleep at restaurant during dinner but i did get my second wind when I started to dance which didn't last too long because we did leave the club at 12:30am.  HAHA!

I had a total of maybe 8 hours of sleep during a three day span.

The restaurant BUTTERFLY is a bit overrated.  

I was asked on Saturday night at the club if i used to "party hard?" like how the young crowd does it now.  My reply was YES but I danced with woman not with other dudes in a circle acting like fools.  What is wrong with this kids these days?

I really hate it when you are hanging out with someone and it has to end.

I hope I do well in my game tonight in the Genentech league.  We better win!

What the hell are all the slogans for McDonald's?

What should I eat for dinner tonight?

Come to think about it i get paid mad loot for something that is hella easy and not stressful at all.

When Stars are asked this question, "are you in a relationship with so and so?" why is it that they never answer the question?

I get too dam lazy to edit these posts so if you think my grammar and spelling is horrible please bare with me.  This is not English class.

Dam .  I gotta get back to sleep.  I got a game in 5 hrs.  And I only slept 2 hours so far.


Rols Uno

Friday, September 19, 2008




we at it again - 308 experiment Feat. BrainChild, Rolsuno, Mike K


So rumor has it Kanye is going the T-Pain route. He's gonna be using that dam AUTOTUNE bullshit.  Tell you the truth I think its cool for T-Pain because he can't sing anyways.  But i really hate it when rappers use that crap.  Supposedly he is going to use the device on his new album.  I hope not!  Anyways peep his new song if you haven't already.  Its called LOVE LOCKDOWN.  I'm not really feeling it.  But you know the masses will like it because he is Yeezy.  


Love Lockdown (remastered) - Kanye west


Like I said in one of my blog entries posted yesterday.  Rols is about to SHINE.

Peep the link:



And like i said in that same post.  Rols is always in the spotlight regardless if its good or bad.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


If y'all didn't know i changed the title to my blog and deleted all of the prior posts.  The prior title was WE ARE NOT THE SAME.  And everyone already knows that we are not the same.  That i am a different species then the rest of y'all.  hahah!  I did the Title Change just because I wanted too.  EVERYTHING I AM is self explanatory.  This blog will just explain everything that I am. And the one bar from kanye that i used "everything I'm not, makes me everything i am" means exactly that.  Whatever i am not is What i am.  Do you get it?  If you don't get it, then you don't really know me.



This chick seriously needs some help.  This is for all you Danity Kane Fans.  On the really reals isn't this hoe...oops i mean chick.  suppose to be a role model for her younger fans.  well anyways.. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I introduce you to Ms. Aubrey O'day.  

What a loser!!


here is the link for more pics of this weirdo..



Disclaimer: This is just in general.  This can be any type of relationship.     Some of these things i have done but not all of them. HELL YEAH not all of them.

Smoke Herb.  Because when y'all drive us crazy we need to ease our minds.

Go to the gym and work out.  To take out our frustrations out.

Run over our pagers.  yes this was a while back when pagers were in.

Drink like a savage.

Cry. because guys have feelings too.  LOL!

Call up another female knowing the fact that we aren't gonna do anything but just for satisfaction that you will get mad.

Go to the club and just try and flirt with any chick in sight.

Constantly checking our phone hoping that you will call.  

Do stupid shit like "lie."

Trade a pair of  Jordan's to get a certain night at a club to throw a party.  I don't really think it was stupid.  it was for a good cause.

Say one thing like " its cool we don't need to be cool anymore." then call back like 10 mins later to retract that statement.  I'm stupid for this one.

Dog every guy that she knows.  LOL!

Chase her Ex with a bat just because.

Fight.  Yes this happened.  I was younger.

pretend your gonna hurt yourself when you know dam well that you aren't.

hook up with her friend to get even.  

Try to Ignore her during IM convo's because your mad.

Go shopping and spend mad loot.

wish for her to have a shitty relationship with her new man.  I never done that! realtalk!

If you can think of anything else.  Feel free to leave it on the comments.  and i will update this entry with your contribution.

Rols UNO


So everyone knows that Tuesday is New Music Release day.  So right after work last Tuesday i went straight to Target to purchase the new NEYO album entitled YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN. Ran straight to the CD section picked up a couple of copies and i must say its gonna take "us" awhile to get used to it.  It took me about 40-50 spins to get used to BECAUSE OF YOU his sophomore album.  There are 12 Tracks on this album and by his first single Closer you can already tell that this album is going to be different from his last two.  Lyrics are still off the hook.  Dude is a genius with the pen.  Its gonna take awhile to get used to the beats.  There are 3 dance tracks and the rest are love type songs.  My favorite song on this album is Miss Independent.  Song is straight up fire.  i think i like it because that's what I'm looking for.  Another track I'm really diggin is So you can cry or is it So you can say.  This will probably be my favorite song on the album by the end of the month.  Actually let me rephrase that.. I THINK THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUM NOW!  just listened to it like 6 times in a row. LOL!
Well i don't want to ruin it for you.  Go buy this album if you haven't already.  its worth the 10 duckets you will pay.  OH BTW- the person who has my other NEYO CD do not buy it.  i got a copy for you!



This is the first installment of TELL ROLS WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT.


  Me being 30 years young and pretty much been on the scene since i was 18 I noticed a change in woman's attire in the night life scene.  I remember from the age of 21 to lets say around 25  i noticed that woman were all about that Erykah Badu look.  Head Wraps on there heads and earth tone colors all draped on there bodies.  Dresses with jeans and sneakers were the in thing at that time.  And for some odd reason i was hella digging that look on woman.  I guess you can say it was the hip hop look for woman.  Well that's what i called it.  To me it was that Bohemian look.  The grass roots look.  If you don't know what I'm talking about just look pictures of Jill Scoot and Erykah Badu.  You can use them as visuals.  I'm not saying Erykah or Jill Scott are fine I'm just using them as examples.  Even though they had all types of clothes covering there bodies i thought that was sexy.  There were still your typical HOOCHIE mama chicks present but i wasn't into those type of chicks and still ain't.   Oh yeah just so you know these parties i attended aren't your club NV, Suite 181 wanna be Vegas style parties.  It was your usual Tuesday-Sunday in crowd hipster type parties.  Trust me there is a difference.  Anyways lets get back on track........

From the age of 26-30 i noticed a change in woman's attire.  I noticed a new SEXINESS in a woman's steeze.  Out with the head wraps and earth tone colors and sneakers and in came those sexy ass Pumps or high heels and expensive tight jeans that formed nice around the ass and hips (beast mode)   but still it wasn't hoochie it was sexy yet simple and well liked by me.  BTW i still love chicks who rock sneakers to the club because i know that your puppies hurt when rocking those sexy ass pumps.  Would you like me to massage those for you?  hahahhah!  And may i say woman are sporting this look at hip hop clubs.  So what do you think is gonna be the newest style for woman's club attire when I'm 31-35.  Someone is gonna have to let me know because i am already tired of going out.

Keep the ideas coming.  I will try my best to write about the idea's you guys give me.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ROLS IS.....................

a wolf in sheep's clothing.

6ft tall w/o shoes.

super competitive at everything he does ( yes i am talking in 3rd person).

afraid of confrontation unless its physical.

a snorer only when he is tired.


a social butterfly.

an idiot at times.

a gangsta and a gentlemen

the jealous type at times.  especially for stupid reason's.

always hungry.


a music lover.

a person who puts others before himself.

always misunderstood.

feeling lonely.

a fuck up in the woman department.

hated on by little and loved by many.

a sneaker head.

210 pounds of skinniness.

a beast.

a 30 year old child.

still hella sleepy.

starting to be lazy.  

always thinking about this person.

on the verge of self destruction.


always down to try new things.

always thinking.

always defending himself.

the type to never give up.

always in the spotlight regardless if its good or bad.

about to chill off the "sticky" for a while.

getting shit back on track.

a shit talker.

a comedian.

thinking of a master plan.

still on that R&B steeze.

gonna buy himself a new car for his Christmas gift.

the type to hide his feelings.

really a good guy even though he does stupid shit.

a lesbian.  hope you get it!

on a writing spree.

a hopeless romantic.  

about to make some changes for HIMSELF.


a person who believes in fate.

a person who gets himself into more trouble then he should be in.

a catholic.

a size 11 in shoes.

a size 36 in the waist.  dropped from a 38.  haha!

thankful for everything he has.

all about family first.

a person who hurts people he cares about.

a lover not a fighter.

a Liar.  At times.

putting himself on blast because he feels like it.

a one woman man.

about to shine.

all about his friends.

the oldest child of three.

back in the "Sunset"  for the 3rd time.  It feels great.

one half of GETLIVE.

a confident yet can be a cocky S.O.B at times.

to fly to be depressed!


This is who i am.  STRAIGHT UP and DOWN!  I probably left out a few minor details but this is me...This is the REAL ROLSUNO aka RYHMES ORIGINAL aka R.O aka ROLS aka KING OF THE SUNSET aka "Self Proclaimed king of everything" (according to tiff)  BLACKTISTA aka ROLAND BAUTISTA. 

If you want to know anything else.  Holler at me!