Thursday, September 25, 2008


Since I deleted my old blog and started this new one I was asked by 2 of my readers to post the poem I wrote called THE ONE again.  One person said he wanted to use the poem..LOL!  And I'm not sure why the other person wanted it up again.  Well here it is again for your reading pleasure.  I also added 2 bars to this poem.


The one is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you wake up,
The one is the person you fight with to kiss and make up.
The one is there for you when your out of luck,
The one is worth more then a million bucks.

The one is what you miss when that one is not around,
The one can act serious and act like a clown.
The one is the shit at everything they do,
The one is babe, hun and boo.

The one is the one that you never let go,
The one makes you a better person as you grow.
The one is versatile in the game,
The one will put you in your place and put you to shame.

The one makes you complete before you become ONE,
The one is the moon while you are the sun.
The one will dislike you at times,
The one is number ONE not 2, 3, 4 or five.

The one is the person you would do anything for to a certain degree,
The one is the person you will try to always make happy.
The one is your "righty" while you are "the lefty,"
The one at times can act a lil bitchy.

The one will think that you are just sprung,
The one will make you frustrated and make you stick out your tongue. (at them)
The one might make you want to throw in the towel and quit,
The one will know then that you are persistent.

The one makes you think outside the box,
The one will make you crazy and drink a bottle of scotch.
The one makes you do things you don't normally do,
The one brings out the words I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU.