Friday, September 26, 2008


Getting tatted up on Sunday.  Do I get it on my chest or forearm. "body tatted up like a subway in harlem"

I got all these XL dress shirts from like 3 years ago that were barely worn.  Can someone recommend me a tailor.  

I am still on my RnB steeze.

No mandatory OT tonite.  What to do?

I started to bump John Legends ONCE AGAIN again.  I forgot how good this album is.

Its been a min.  I need to go hunting again.  If you know what I mean.

I hope I don't get bored this weekend or I'm gonna do something stupid like go shopping.

I got no roommates this weekend which means I got the house to myself.  

The Dim sum KINGS haven't been to Dim Sum King in a min.

I missed another FOODIE night.  This sucks.

Do people notice what's in front of them?

We need to play in the Golden Gate Sports and Social Club Football league next season.  We need to redeem ourselves.

We really need to try that Korean Spot near the crib and then go to 99 Chicken.

There are a lot of weirdo's that work in my dept.  including myself.

I can't find the words.


Neil said...

on the R&B steez, i feel you, homie. i'm sure you're all over the Ne-Yo album but peep the Robin Thicke album and the Jennifer Hudson album (surprisingly) that come out tomorrow. on some classic motown-steez, peep the latest Raphael Saadiq or catch up on his last one, Ray Ray. on some hip hop/commercial steez, the Game's, Kardinal Offishall's, and Skillz' latest works.