Monday, September 22, 2008


Do people actually listen to music or do they just skim through it?  I know I for one listen to the music.  Lyrics is very important to me not just the beat.

I wonder how many people actually read this blog?

The more spins I give this new NEYO album the more I'm feeling it. (no homo)

I'm starting to feel my age.  I was falling asleep at restaurant during dinner but i did get my second wind when I started to dance which didn't last too long because we did leave the club at 12:30am.  HAHA!

I had a total of maybe 8 hours of sleep during a three day span.

The restaurant BUTTERFLY is a bit overrated.  

I was asked on Saturday night at the club if i used to "party hard?" like how the young crowd does it now.  My reply was YES but I danced with woman not with other dudes in a circle acting like fools.  What is wrong with this kids these days?

I really hate it when you are hanging out with someone and it has to end.

I hope I do well in my game tonight in the Genentech league.  We better win!

What the hell are all the slogans for McDonald's?

What should I eat for dinner tonight?

Come to think about it i get paid mad loot for something that is hella easy and not stressful at all.

When Stars are asked this question, "are you in a relationship with so and so?" why is it that they never answer the question?

I get too dam lazy to edit these posts so if you think my grammar and spelling is horrible please bare with me.  This is not English class.

Dam .  I gotta get back to sleep.  I got a game in 5 hrs.  And I only slept 2 hours so far.


Rols Uno


reegsta said...

word - butterfly was pretty underwhelming the one time I ate there.