Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Second installment of TELL ROLS WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT:

  So I get an email from my old coworker from Kendall Wilkinson Design and she tells me that she's been reading my blog.  I'm like, "holy crap, are you serious?"  Because i'm all wondering how would she know that I started a blog, then I remembered I used to advertise my blog on bulletins on Myspace.  So she gave me the subject for my next blog entry for TELL ROLS WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT and its WHAT KIND OF WOMAN DOES ROLS LIKE?  It's pretty broad but i will work with it.  Thanks Julie for the idea.  Hopefully I don't disappoint.

What kind of woman does Rols like?  I pretty much like them all.  I don't discriminate I love all woman from different nationalities.  White, black (light skinned is preferred) Asian, Latina, Indian (red dot or feather) the list keeps going.  But the real question is do these races other then Asian chicks feel me.  And as of right now it doesn't seem like it. Since majority of the woman I've dated or slept with are all of the Asian decent expect one white chick ( I can blog about that another time).  OK lets get back on track.....

Im a total sucker for chicks with mad personality.  Chicks with a sense of humor are straight up DOO DOO meaning the SHIT!  I love chicks that can make me laugh because in return I hope I can do the same.  I'm also into woman who are smart I'm not saying that you have to have a degree or anything i just want to make sure that we can have adult conversations not just conversations about what he or she is doing with you know who.  You feel me?  To me personality overtakes looks.  But if the woman has The looks too that's just an added bonus!  I know y'all probably don't believe me so i guess i will just continue to the looks department.  

Like I just said earlier Personality is key to me when looking for a mate.  But i know that i may be picky at times in the looks department.  I'm not really into tall woman.  The tallest Chick i dated was 5ft 7 she basically went up to my nose.  I'm not really into tall woman because I'm not really into chicks with big feet.  Haha!  Yes! I'm a foot and toes guy.  I love woman's feet remember only the pretty clean ones.  I owe it all to the Movie BOOMERANG.  I'm also not into skinny woman.  I need a woman with meat on her.  I need a woman who is in the weight range of 110-150.  I like them thick!  I need something to grab on and i don't mean her ribs that are showing or a chicks six pack.  That shit is just way to gross.  Chicks with six packs are disgusting.  why the hell would i want a chick with a six pack when i don't have one.  I like a chick with a lil baby phat around her waist.   LOL!  OK what I'm about to say maybe a lil graphic or might be T.M.I but I need to see the waves and the ripples when I'm hitting that from behind. It just looks great!!!!  Yes i know I'm  disgusting but hey this is my blog not yours.  When asked if I'm a Breasts or Ass man i reply with the answer "Both."  I love both.  I love them equally.  They both feel good in my hands.  

So that pretty much sums it up.  I like all types of woman that are thick in the range of 110-150.  I love pretty feet and toes.  I'm a breast and ass man.  I hate six packs on chicks.  I love seeing the waves during the nasty.  I like them funny and smart.  

Currently and i won't front for the past year and a half this is the characteristics of the woman (singular)  i have been feeling.

Great Personality:  she is smart, independent, hella funny,  bitchy, loving, rude, has a nasty mouth, nerdy, thoughtful and hella REAL.

Looks:  Beautiful, sexy, plain jane, thick, pretty feet and cute toes, versatile, clean skin.

I know i probably left out a few traits here and there but ALL I CAN SAY SHE IS THE COMPLETE PACKAGE!


Remember this isn't class so don't critique my grammar cuz i really don't give a crap!  haha


reegsta said...

no wonder you hella like avena lee lol. but i hear ya, personality > looks, and u just want someone to mesh with u.

share-bare said...

i say you get over this trick. she ain't worth it. she's a straight up cunt. why do u like rude biatches?

move on to bigger and better things...next subject please.

rolsuno said...

reegsta: hella yea..LOl

Share-bare: yea hopefully soon.