Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Third installment of TELL ROLS WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT

Sharebare gave me this idea.  Thanks again and i hope you enjoy.  Quick plug

Disclaimer:  If you fall in one of these categories and are offended by this.  Tough Shit!

I know I am not the only person who observes what kind of woman are in the Club but if i am then i must be a weirdo.  So anyways... from my observations I have come up with 5 categories for what type of woman I notice in the club.   Also i will let you know from my experience which type of chick you want to talk to or to dance with.



Sometimes its instant when you notice that a chick is in a relationship because they may end up going to the spot with a male companion.  Regardless if that's her boyfriend or not, you want to leave this woman alone.  My reason to leave this type of chick alone at the club is because if that was her boyfriend and he sees you talking to her he may just get upset and fists may be thrown.  Also in an environment that has liquor present its not a good idea because anger can be triggered easy.  If she came with just a male friend.  80% of the time she brought a male companion just so no other dude will hit on her because she is in a relationship or she just doesn't want to be bothered.  So i usually leave these ones alone.  Sometimes you can get lucky because if you are like me not looking to holler at a chick in the club and just dance then these chicks know that you are harmless and that you just want to have fun.  These chicks are probably one of my favorite type of chicks to dance with.  



If you know one of these type of chicks then that is a plus!  Because they can get you into any club you want to without waiting in line.  Usually they are working the door or they know the person throwing the party.  These chicks are pretty much local celebrities they are total "scenesters" that know everyone.  But that's whats wrong with them.  They know everyone because of the nightlife.  You can bet that you will see them at every party you attend.  Also they usually don't branch away from there popular friends so don't expect to get a dance with them.



These chicks are straight eye-candy.  They are the chicks that are dressed in short skirts tank tops and heels.  These chicks are great to look at and all but that's about it.  Remember i am going off what i like and I'm not really into these type of chicks.  If you like these type of chicks then feel free to ask them to dance.  50% of them will say yes but you have to show them attention in the club and when i say attention.  I mean DRINKS!  If you are the type that likes to "freak" on these chicks this is your best bet.    



The birthday party chick is the chick that you want to meet at the club.  These chicks are fun to hangout with because 1.  They are there to celebrate someones party or maybe even themselves.  2. They are down to get FUCKED UP!  You don't even have to go up to them and ask if they want to dance.  All you gotta do is just enter there "circle" while they are dancing and just start dancing with them.  You will either end up dancing with one of them or maybe even all the chicks in the party.  LOL!  Don't expect to get there numbers because they are there just to have a good time.  So don't even think about asking.



a FUN GIRL is best described as the chick that asks you to dance.  They will either notice that you are peeping her so they will make the first move or they just notice you.  These chicks are rare though.  So if a FUN GIRL approaches you be prepared and make sure your game is tight.  You may just end up having the best time you ever had at a club and even met a new friend.  

Remember these are my personal observations so i can be totally wrong.  


reegsta said...

hahah nice...this is PLOOMY worthy for real.