Thursday, September 18, 2008


Disclaimer: This is just in general.  This can be any type of relationship.     Some of these things i have done but not all of them. HELL YEAH not all of them.

Smoke Herb.  Because when y'all drive us crazy we need to ease our minds.

Go to the gym and work out.  To take out our frustrations out.

Run over our pagers.  yes this was a while back when pagers were in.

Drink like a savage.

Cry. because guys have feelings too.  LOL!

Call up another female knowing the fact that we aren't gonna do anything but just for satisfaction that you will get mad.

Go to the club and just try and flirt with any chick in sight.

Constantly checking our phone hoping that you will call.  

Do stupid shit like "lie."

Trade a pair of  Jordan's to get a certain night at a club to throw a party.  I don't really think it was stupid.  it was for a good cause.

Say one thing like " its cool we don't need to be cool anymore." then call back like 10 mins later to retract that statement.  I'm stupid for this one.

Dog every guy that she knows.  LOL!

Chase her Ex with a bat just because.

Fight.  Yes this happened.  I was younger.

pretend your gonna hurt yourself when you know dam well that you aren't.

hook up with her friend to get even.  

Try to Ignore her during IM convo's because your mad.

Go shopping and spend mad loot.

wish for her to have a shitty relationship with her new man.  I never done that! realtalk!

If you can think of anything else.  Feel free to leave it on the comments.  and i will update this entry with your contribution.

Rols UNO