Monday, September 29, 2008


FYI:  The title of this entry is from the De la Soul song "Saturdays"

So when I found out my coworker Sean reads my blog I asked him what I should write about.  His answer was for me to write about my Saturday.  So Sean here it goes.......

So the past Saturday went like this:

Woke up around 10am ish I think?  

kicked it at a friends house until around 12 noon.  I didn't want to leave tho.

left her house and got stuck in traffic on the 101 going back to San Francisco.  Dam since I haven't been driving for a hot second I completely forgot how much I hate sitting in traffic.

Got back to the pad around 1:30 pm.  It took me an hour and a half to get back to my place in the Sunset district from Foster City.  That's just ridiculous!!  ( at least i don't have to worry about that drive again)

I was suppose to get ready for a Fundraiser picnic but I was too tired and passed out on the couch.  

Woke up around 6:30pm to get ready to have dinner with Kram, Stergeron and Reegsta at this hole in the wall Korean Spot on Taravel (yes Taravel that some person calls Chinatown) which is really close to my pad.  I forgot the name of the place but it is really good.  We ordered way to much but like Stergeron says, " it is better to be full then to be hungry."  I think that's what he said.  Haha!  If you want to read about the place hit up I think he will do a review on the place in the next couple of days.  Order the Small pieces of fried chicken.  Its HELLA good.  12 peices for 10.99.

After dinner we went to my place to kick it for a hot second and watched a few episodes of Gangland.  Kram and Reegsta left my place around 10ish.  My bad yall for fallen asleep I was just mad tired.  Around 10:30 my Homie Boogie Brown calls me and asks if I'm ready to go to Milk because he was about to leave his place in 5 mins to come and get me.  I told him can you leave around 11pm because i am hella tired.

Get to Milk around 11:30pm and I'm glad I went.  Had to support the Homie Dj Neo Geo because it was his 31st bday.  And wanted to support The folks at Flavor of the month.  It was there 5th year anny.  Peep for flicks.  I Had a few drinks and danced with my dance partner Dj Roza.  But I must say I got a lil irked towards the end of the night because some beezie that I met outside was judging me.  I was like "YO YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME, DON'T EVER JUDGE MY INTELLIGENCE!"  This chick was all trying to tell me that I was acting immature, because I was drunk and I was calling myself the self proclaimed "King of the sunset."  HAHA!  Don't get all up tight because no one is talking to your ass as I am talking to your homegirl and everyone who is outside with us are kickin it and no one is including you in the conversation.  So I had to shut her up really quick.  

Left Milk around 2am after meeting the owner of the Milk.  Dude was cool.  DEC 5th mark that date on your calendar.  Its gonna be an epic event.  BADBOY meets DEATHROW w/ Dj's Apollo and Sake one.  And Celebrating the Birthday of BoogieBrown and Many others.  Hopefully this other person I know will let me throw her a party there that night too.  well anyways. Sorry for the shameless plug.

Get to Seniores to around 2:30am order a chicken and Garlic slice of pizza and notice how many drunk people are all in this spot.  Around 10 drunk Russian guys and girls come in singing "Whatever You Like" by T.I and Boogiebrown and I are just cracking up.  Then one of the Russian dudes comes up to me and asks if I'm still ballin.  It took me awhile for me to recognize this fool.  I used to ball on this dude at Westlake gym.  This dude was all on my jock telling my homie that I was ill and that my shot was deadly.  Boogiebrown can co-sign that.  

get home around 3:30am and pass out




Neil said...

thanks for the support on my birthday, homeslice! good seein' you. damn, wish i heard you go through that mini-drama outside though lol

carmi said...

okae i seriously laughed out loud!!! ahahahahahahahhaha... =P oooops... sorry... but the pictures are awesome!! especially the last one (since i took it...)!! =D