Thursday, September 18, 2008


This is the first installment of TELL ROLS WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT.


  Me being 30 years young and pretty much been on the scene since i was 18 I noticed a change in woman's attire in the night life scene.  I remember from the age of 21 to lets say around 25  i noticed that woman were all about that Erykah Badu look.  Head Wraps on there heads and earth tone colors all draped on there bodies.  Dresses with jeans and sneakers were the in thing at that time.  And for some odd reason i was hella digging that look on woman.  I guess you can say it was the hip hop look for woman.  Well that's what i called it.  To me it was that Bohemian look.  The grass roots look.  If you don't know what I'm talking about just look pictures of Jill Scoot and Erykah Badu.  You can use them as visuals.  I'm not saying Erykah or Jill Scott are fine I'm just using them as examples.  Even though they had all types of clothes covering there bodies i thought that was sexy.  There were still your typical HOOCHIE mama chicks present but i wasn't into those type of chicks and still ain't.   Oh yeah just so you know these parties i attended aren't your club NV, Suite 181 wanna be Vegas style parties.  It was your usual Tuesday-Sunday in crowd hipster type parties.  Trust me there is a difference.  Anyways lets get back on track........

From the age of 26-30 i noticed a change in woman's attire.  I noticed a new SEXINESS in a woman's steeze.  Out with the head wraps and earth tone colors and sneakers and in came those sexy ass Pumps or high heels and expensive tight jeans that formed nice around the ass and hips (beast mode)   but still it wasn't hoochie it was sexy yet simple and well liked by me.  BTW i still love chicks who rock sneakers to the club because i know that your puppies hurt when rocking those sexy ass pumps.  Would you like me to massage those for you?  hahahhah!  And may i say woman are sporting this look at hip hop clubs.  So what do you think is gonna be the newest style for woman's club attire when I'm 31-35.  Someone is gonna have to let me know because i am already tired of going out.

Keep the ideas coming.  I will try my best to write about the idea's you guys give me.




Neil said...

say "word". man, i feel ya. i'm even more down for the casual-dress type woman cuz i'm a casual-dress type dude: t-shirt, jeans, and sneaks and i'm good..haha. but yea, rols, i'm looking fwd to seeing the next evolution, too, and yup, even i'm getting tired of going out!

share-bare said...

yeah, i'm sick of wearing heels and dressing up w/make-up and crap. i miss the BX days [sigh]. someone's gonna have to bring that back.