Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ROLS IS.....................

a wolf in sheep's clothing.

6ft tall w/o shoes.

super competitive at everything he does ( yes i am talking in 3rd person).

afraid of confrontation unless its physical.

a snorer only when he is tired.


a social butterfly.

an idiot at times.

a gangsta and a gentlemen

the jealous type at times.  especially for stupid reason's.

always hungry.


a music lover.

a person who puts others before himself.

always misunderstood.

feeling lonely.

a fuck up in the woman department.

hated on by little and loved by many.

a sneaker head.

210 pounds of skinniness.

a beast.

a 30 year old child.

still hella sleepy.

starting to be lazy.  

always thinking about this person.

on the verge of self destruction.


always down to try new things.

always thinking.

always defending himself.

the type to never give up.

always in the spotlight regardless if its good or bad.

about to chill off the "sticky" for a while.

getting shit back on track.

a shit talker.

a comedian.

thinking of a master plan.

still on that R&B steeze.

gonna buy himself a new car for his Christmas gift.

the type to hide his feelings.

really a good guy even though he does stupid shit.

a lesbian.  hope you get it!

on a writing spree.

a hopeless romantic.  

about to make some changes for HIMSELF.


a person who believes in fate.

a person who gets himself into more trouble then he should be in.

a catholic.

a size 11 in shoes.

a size 36 in the waist.  dropped from a 38.  haha!

thankful for everything he has.

all about family first.

a person who hurts people he cares about.

a lover not a fighter.

a Liar.  At times.

putting himself on blast because he feels like it.

a one woman man.

about to shine.

all about his friends.

the oldest child of three.

back in the "Sunset"  for the 3rd time.  It feels great.

one half of GETLIVE.

a confident yet can be a cocky S.O.B at times.

to fly to be depressed!


This is who i am.  STRAIGHT UP and DOWN!  I probably left out a few minor details but this is me...This is the REAL ROLSUNO aka RYHMES ORIGINAL aka R.O aka ROLS aka KING OF THE SUNSET aka "Self Proclaimed king of everything" (according to tiff)  BLACKTISTA aka ROLAND BAUTISTA. 

If you want to know anything else.  Holler at me!