Tuesday, December 23, 2008


if 07 was the start to this so called downfall
then 08 was suppose to bounce back like round-ball
nope..it was more like soaked up game..rainfall
it hurt, sorta like getting hit in the back with a paintball, yeah.. that painful

don't get it twisted there was one bright spot, out of 730 days
she became my favorite just like the number 3 jays ( jordans)
to me the illest kicks in the game, shes the illest chick in the game
if i was Jay-z she would instantly get my chain, shes like beyonce putting all the other chicks to shame

yall can have 07 and 08 but im sorry to say 09 is mine
i hate to be selfish but its Rols time to shine
i paid my dues, I struggled and hustled and did mad dirt
so in 09 its me, myself and eye who will be put first

This time around there will be no questions asked and no 2nd guessin
i'm sticking to the script and sticking to this new resolution
its not about money, its not about status and class
its about making it last, forgetting about the past and staying off the grass..09 is coming real fast.. FREE AT LAST!

there you have it.. My New Years resolution put in one line: SO IN 09 ITS ME, MYSELF, AND EYE THAT WILL BE PUT FIRST. Its simple yet the truth. Everyone can do the simple stuff like save money, hangout with family more, go to church and stuff like that.. but all those things should already be done. Yes I know that even putting yourself first before everything and everyone should always be the case but sometime you lose focus and forget whats important.