Monday, December 22, 2008


Yesterday I was reading Reegsta's blog and he posted a survey that he answered. I thought to myself WHO THE F*&K PUTS THESE SURVEYS TOGETHER? So i told myself eff it I'm gonna put together my own random survey and even answer the questions myself. If you are a blogger I would love to see you answer these questions and post it on your blog. SO HERE IT IS:

ROLS RANDOM RIDICULOUS RAD SURVEY ( some questions maybe XXX but we are all adults)

1. Do you pee in the shower?


2. When taking a shit after wiping do you look at the toilet paper?

of course how else are you suppose to know that there is no shit left on your ass

3. How old are you?

30 year old

4. Do you blog? tell a friend

5. If so whats your blog site? tell a friend

6. How old were you when you first had sex?

how ever old you were when you are a freshmen in highschool.

7. F*&king or making love?

Both at the sametime

8. Sneakers or Pumps?

I'm a dude I rock sneakers. But on woman I like to see yellow pumps all day

9. Whats your favorite Color?

Green and brown

10. Whats your favorite Sports Franchise?

Saint Gabe Knights

11. Left side or right side?

Left side

12. Home cooked meals or outside dining?

Home cooked meals. Its getting to pricey to be eating out all the time

13. What do you want for xmas?

I threw a quarter in a homemade river inside the Venetien and made a wish..thats what i'm wishing for

14. do you believe in the saying, "its the thought that counts?"


15. Do you masterbate? and how many times a week?

Yes...depends on my mood and if I can't sleep. so it can range from 7 times a week to 1

16. Whats your favorite porn site? tell a friend

17. Whats your fantasy?

having sex on the beach late night creep style

18. Do you lust, love, have a crush on someone at this moment?


19. Favorite Rap song of all time?

Shook ones mobb deep. I can rap the whole song to you

20. running or walking?

walking. I like taking my time. I'm in no rush

21. ice cream or cake?

Ice cream

22. Bitch or slut? which name would you rather be called?

Slut. it sounds better

23. Do you have a fetish? if so what is it?

I love womans feet. of course small ones

24. Missionary or doggy?

Missionary! I like to look at her face.

25. Shaved or Hairy?

Shaved.. not a big fan of bush.. didnt you see that picture with the asian chicks on it.. LOL

26. Hoodies or Jackets?

I get hot to fast. none. but if i had to choose Hoodies

27. Giver or taker?

Giver ( pause )

28. Is weed a drug?

number of weed related deaths a yr = 0 tell a friends

29. Favorite movie you seen this year?

30. Do you believe in ghosts?
Yeah.. i watch ghost whisperer sometimes.. wait is that what the shows called?

31. How was your 08'?

32. If a guy who is your man crush? if your a woman who is your woman crush?

Neyo. Because dude is mad talented.

33. would you have sex with your man or woman crush?

Naw never dat!

34. Do you know what sissor action is?

Of course! do you?

35. Iron or throw it in the dryer?

Iron im not lazy like some people i know that have the last name that start with a P

36. Facebook or Myspace?

Facebook. its that new new

37. If you were about to die what would be your last meal?
A burrito. it has everything you need in there. Meet, rice veggies and beans

38. Do you floss?
sometimes.. i need to start doing it on the regular tho

39. Do you rock butt floss?

naw..thats a womans job

40. Did you even read this survey?

I put it together.. not yall need to answer these questions



reegsta said...

i've seen surveys that the instruction is to add a question after u fill it out. lol some of this ish is TMI^10 haha...