Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So there is 7 days left in 2008 and I can't fuckin wait till 2009!! straight up! what else can happen to me within this last week of 08. Forreal though getting into a car accident yesterday pushed me to the point of self destruction! And NO it wasn't my fault and i'm ok but getting into this accident just shows how much 08 hated me. I mean shit there was only 8 days left and this had to happen to me. Seriously I can only stay positive and hold a straight face for so long. I'm stronger and have a high threshold for pain but really FUCK YOU 2008 and everything that happened to me good and bad. I went out last nite got shit faced drunk and told myself I DON'T WANT TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING. And look I can't catch a break I'M AWAKE. hahha. Don't even tell me that other people have it worse blah blah blah, you know what everyone has there story and there path and this is mines and I never thought it would be like this. If you think i'm acting like a bitch or overreacting come here and rock my size 11 shoes and live my life and you too will bitch and whine like an nba player. If there was a way that a doctor can delete a year out of your mind, i would instantly ask the doctor to COMPLETELY delete 2008. You know don't take this personal but Fuck everybody and everything in 08 (except friends) in the future I will never reference this damn year ever again. Starting today it goes like this 2007-2009. shit if i have to write a check within these last 7 days i will just put 2009 already. I am so ready to bypass xmas and just go straight to the new year. Fuck it im done! FUCK YOU 2008!!!!! you have been a pain in my ass and you have been the worst year of my life.



reegsta said...

shouldn't it go like "2007, 2009"??? otherwise the - indentifies a range of numbers, thus including 2008.

But yeah, 2008 is FTMFL! 2009 is the time to shine.

rolsuno said...

yea..i just noticed that too..but remember i dont press the delete button..hahah

theuglystick said...

you should start writing happy posts from here on out. don't go into 2009 angry. you know, bad hoodoo.

Chunny said...

you don't have to press delete but you can edit? haha JP, Fuck 2008!