Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Dear 2009,

you arrive tomorrow at 12 midnight and I am anxious to see what's to come for Rolsuno in 09'.  I promise to you that I won't second guess myself and that I will put myself first before anything or anyone.  I will concentrate on myself to better myself in every aspect of life.  This past year has been pretty much a pain in my ass.  Could easily be the worst year of my life.  But at the same time I know it will make me stronger and it will help me prepare myself for what's to come in years ahead.  I promise that all the negativity from the past year won't carry over.  And that whatever happened in 08 will stay in 08.  And I mean everything!  I promise to you that I will still be the GO GETTER I am but I will turn it up a notch and hustle harder then ever.  Everything I want to do or have planned I promise that I will either start those goals or accomplish them.  I also promise whatever mistakes I made in the past won't happen in the present.  So thats pretty much it.  2009 lets make this the best year ever!

Warm Regards,