Monday, November 3, 2008

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters = CHANGE

Since i made the mistake by not re-registering to vote when I moved I made the decision to go to City Hall and vote.  Needed that voter protection cause I wanted my vote to count.  Left the house around 11am to make my way to City Hall.  Grabbed my ipod shuffle and my sidekick and made my way.  Thank god i brought my phone and ipod cuz I was in line for almost 2 hrs.  2hrs is nothing when we need change.  It felt great being with all types of people.  And it was great seeing a lot of young people and first time voters in line.  I even ran into an old coworker in line and we had a little debate over prop 8.  But it was all out of fun.  Even though i know she disliked me when we worked together.  But that's another story I can blog about some other day.  So remember to vote tomorrow.  Its time for a change.  WORD UP!

BIG UPS!! to the homie Norm who is out in vegas for OBAMAS counsel for change.  Keep doing what you do mang!!




Anonymous said...

hope not fear