Monday, November 3, 2008


If you really know me then you know that I love KICKS!!!! I own a good amount of sneakers not more then Reegsta but I do own enough to rock one for each day of the month for 2 months and then some. So last Friday I decided that I wanted to start to rock a different pair of sneakers for the next 30 days. And here is what I rocked so far:


L to R

FRIDAY:  Nike SB Blazers " Mission Street edition": It was Halloween so I had to get into the spirit even though I really didn't do much that day.

SATURDAY:  Nike Air Force 1 " World Cup edition" Brazil's: It was a rainy day and I needed to promote for my Party. And I didn't want to rock "beaters" (sneakers that you don't care about anymore because they are messed up) in the club because I know damn well woman still look at what shoes men are wearing. So I rocked these bad boys because they are patent leather so it was pretty much rain resistant.

SUNDAY:  Adidas Stan Smiths: Its a Sunday so I wanted to rock some "kick it" sneakers.  And these Adidas are the best shoes to hangout in.  These are mos def my favorite Adidas of all time and yes ALL DAY I DREAM ABOUT SEX (A.D.I.D.A.S)

MONDAY:  Nike Sb Dunks " Shimizu's"  These shoes are my beaters.  It was raining hard today and I didn't feel like rocking Timbs so I wore these kicks because it matched the shirt I wore. Haha.

Remember: Kicks are supposed to be rocked, then put back in the box!


mark said...

mission blazers...ill colorway.

share-bare said...

Can I borrow those pink boxes? I have shoes w/no homes. LOL

theuglystick said...

dude, you have adidas?

reegsta said...

we gotta go to la taqueria with our blazers and get some mitchell's ice cream and then watch CYO games at mission dolores haha