Wednesday, December 10, 2008

YOUR 2 MINS START NOW.............................

quick keystyle to jump sh*t off
sac is boring all i can do is doze off
its mad cold out here and all i hear is coughs
and people sneezing and blowing out that snot

i wish i got my flu shot way back when
instead all i have to shoot is this bottle of henn
that brown stuff that makes you turn gully
then you will pass out in your tomb just like a mummy

but this aint brandon frazier and there aint no sequel
you can check out my life story in the beginning so thats the prequel
2 chicks and one guy at the regal begal
threes company with 2 chicks that barely legal

still the king of the sunset just got a bigger place to keep my kicks
im bored as hell, wanna play pick up sticks?
never shoot bricks..its always ICE
my lil bro is reading the book Of men and mice

Me i'm actually reading The Kite Runner
im gonna fly a kite and attach a key and get hit with Thunder
or is that lighting ?
it don't matter all that sh*t is still frightening

my 2 mins is almost up and this flow is about to end
rememeber this was a keystyle..F*&K a pen
all straight from the brain and this was never written
its time to hustle get in were you fit in!


i dont press the delete key word to reegsta!