Monday, December 22, 2008


Everyone knows how much I hate living out here in Sacramento county. But there are actually some positives in living out here. So here is my top 5 reason why I actually living out in Sac.

5. I'm closer to the snow then you are. Yes thats right everyone is the Bay Area has to drive about 3 hours to get to the closest resort. I just have to drive a little less then an hour to get to Boreal and about 1.5 hrs to get to Sierra.

4. Its quite! There are no sounds of buses or trains. I can actually fall asleep to silence. Don't get me wrong I miss hearing the sound of the L-Taraval out my window but it I am enjoying complete silence when I sleep now.

3. living out here makes me appreciate how dope San Francisco and the Bay Area is. I don't want to get off track and start talking about SF now, because this post is about why I actually like living out here in Sac

2. White woman!! Especially the new age white woman you know the white woman who have ass. There is alot of that out here. Now all I gotta do is find the ones who like the experiment with Dark dudes.. LOL.. its funny how all my friends who ask me HOW IT IS LIVING OUT HERE they always ask em about the white chicks out here.

1. FAMILY!! of course this is the #1 reason why I actually like living out here. I have basically lived away from the folkers since I was 18 which means that I only really saw my parents and bro and sis during holidays or when I would visit them once a month. So I really didn't get to see my bro and sis grow.. which is a trip cuz damn I got a sister that is in college and a brother that thinks hes a fresh ass dancer. They grew up way to fast. I remember when they were small little fat kids now they are all grown up. The funniest thing I heard this weekend was my sister talking on the phone to her friend and trying to be all secretive and saying the word "purple" like I don't know what "purple" is/means. Well yeah, it feels great to have family around.