Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Everybody has a little hate in them.....so here are things that I currently hate!

1. I hate ED HARDY gear

2. I hate it when Buff ass fools think its fresh to rock ED HARDY GEAR. Wack ass Ninjas! Im gonna count how many ED HARDY hats and shirts I see this weekend in vegas. If I'm drunk enough I may just knock yall out with my left hand! LOL!!!!

3. I hate what happened to the shoe game. I've hated this for quite sometime now

4. I hate when people change there minds. I do it a little but I'm known to handle business

5. I hate Shit talkers who can't back up their shit talking..come see me

6. I hate pizza like domino's, round table and pizza hut

7. I hate that "SINGLE LADIES SONG" it got annoying

8. I hate fools who think there fresh cuz they work at a shoe/streetwear store. Please w/o that gig yall wouldn't be decked out like that.

9. I hate losing thats why I never quit

10. I hate when people don't believe me, then I have to make them look stupid when they know I was telling the truth

11. I hate when people have to make fake ass excuses

12. I hate the word hate

13. I hate it when I can't sleep at night

14. I hate San Jose

15. I hate overpriced food when you only get a little on the plate and your paying for presentation.

16. I hate Pepsi

17. I hate being nervous

18. I hate being in Sacramento

19. I hate dry swishers

20. I hate being injured


share-bare said...

I HATE that you HATE Domino's Pizza, Pepsi & that "Single Ladies" song. I also HATE that I don't know what a dry swisher is. =/

reegsta said...

i agree with 1, 3, 8, 9, and 15 [even though sometimes the food is hella good, i just want more haha]

carmi said...

hate is such a strong word... can't you just say dislike?!?!?

mark said...

ed hardy = hot garbage