Tuesday, December 9, 2008


PROs and CONs of living in Sacramento

no rent- wish I did this till I was like 25 instead of 19. I would have mad loot saved.

closer to family- you always need to be around family at times

The Receptionist at my brothers dentist- Shes cute...thank god my borther has hella cavities! lol!! I gotta take him today at 4:30pm

Free food- I just have to do the cooking though

I get to talk to my brother and sister more and be that older brother that they never really had cuz I was always away

I'm away from the city life

I'm closer to the snow- but we need some snow

I smoke less because I don't have a neighborhood pharmacist around. ( which is a good thing)

Thats about it with the PROs

I don't know anyone here

I'm living under my parents roof- just doesn't feel right

All my homies live in the Bay Area- every night I would have something to do

Its hella cold out here

The Pho spots suck out here

My brother and sister irritate me at times

It sucks out here.


mark said...

whack pho spot= ftl