Saturday, November 8, 2008

IF I...........

If i didn't quit my job 2 years ago I wonder how life would be,
would it be much easier and would it be stress free.
would I get along with my boss or would I just suck it up,
and would I even be in this situation waiting for some luck.

If I never had knee surgery how would life be,
would I be banging down low instead of shooting the three.
Could I wake up every morning and not feel any pain,
and play every damn minute in my basketball games.

If I were to move to another city how would life be,
would I be lonely because all I have is me.
would the transition be tough or would it be easy,
and would the people I leave behind even miss me.

If I never met you how would life be,
i'm not even gonna think about this i'm just gonna let it be
cuz i'm glad your real friend
hopefully you got my back, cuz i got yours till the end.

BTW- i am not emotional, i just like to share my thoughts.. NAW MEAN!!!