Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Challenge # 2

So I have a friend name Sharon who has a list of goals that she would like to accomplish by who knows when. Me personally I think I can knockout like 4 or 5 of those goals out in one day. LOL! But those are her goals not mines. Well anyways to help you out...THE KING OF THE SUNSET (even tho I'm leaving I will always be KING) challenges The Queen of San Mateo or is it Hayward or is it Foster City? To a bus surfing contest. The thing is, she states on her list that she wants to WIN A BUS SURFING CONTEST. If you accept this challenge and lose does that mean it stays on your "tabo list" because I plan on beating you! If you accept we can choose the stakes later.

If you want to read the back story click on this ROLS WILL WIN



share-bare said...

someone has been consuming large amounts of haterade! it's on.

don't be cappin' on my list. so what if i lag. i'm in nooooo rush.

reegsta said...

1st an ice cream challenge, now this challenge...damn son i thought i was a competitive beast haha

rolsuno said...

aww man you know me.. I am a competitive creature. Why you think i yell at people when we play sports..LOL.. ask NATE about the Jenga game i was in.. u will laugh