Friday, October 17, 2008



I feel refreshed since I don't have to work the vampire/zombie shift anymore.  Working that shift takes a toll on your body and on your mind.  You tend to sleep longer hours and eat less because you are too tired to do anything else.  Hence the fact that I can wear size 36 jeans now. LOL!


Everyone has one comeback story in there life.  And this is where Roland Bautista makes his comeback.  I can say that I will make improvements in my life but many won't believe me.  Its time to shut up the naysayers and the Haters.  HI HATERS! IM BACK OFF HIATUS!!


Every once and a while you need to press the reset button on your life.  You need to start over, you need a change.  It doesn't have to be a drastic change but some sort of change is good.  I recently just pressed that reset button and now I am focused so I don't have to press it again.


I kinda lost faith in myself for a hot sec.  I lost that confidence or as some may say that "swagger" I had.  I had a lot of alone time these past couple of weeks to regain that Swagger and now i need to keep it at the same level at all times.



reegsta said...

i'm thinkin of the roots 'respond & react' and big noyds' 'recognize & realize' for some reason

Chunny said...

Yee! Glad to read that yo!

mark said...

swagger like us.....swagger like us.....swagger like us......guess who's bizzack!? welcome back, rols is back rols is back rolsbee back.