Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've been all over music video's these past couple of days.  Actually I've always been a music video dude.  I Feel music video's help make the song.  If the music video is straight up CRACK!  Then it will make that song even better.  Sometimes there are songs that I think are "just ok" but once I see that music video it makes it 100x better.  

So i'm watching what I always watch on T.V, MTV jams.  And i see the music video DISPERSE by Consequence and features GLC and Really Doe.  I thought it was funny that He just came out with this video for this single when the DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB album came out in March of 07.  I'm glad they made a video for this song though because this Song is Fresh.  The song contains a sample from " World is a place" by RHYTHM.  I also think the rap group CRU used this sample too.  Here is the video.  ENJOY!

DISPERSE/ CONS Feat. GLC and Really doe

I think this video was filmed during the GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR because there are so many cameo's from many member's of G.O.O.D music.  

" Worst comes to worst my peoples come first"