Thursday, October 2, 2008


I've been having a hard time sleeping these past couple of days.  Maybe its because I was so used to working the graveyard shift.  And since I am currently not working I'm not used to sleeping at the regular time again.  I did fall in and out of sleep around 10pm but ended up waking up around 2am.  So to keep me busy I watched FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL.  I must say this movie was really good.  I thought it was gonna be a straight up Comedy but damn it got hella serious.  Well I don't want to get into the movie because I don't want to ruin it for the people who haven't watched it yet.

After watching the movie I asked myself why do people say these type of things? " You should get away and think about stuff" or "you need to get away to get your mind of her/him."  YEAH I'm always down for a little get away but I am not the type to runaway from issues.  And to tell you the truth I am not all for the Forgetting about someone part.  Especially if that person made an impact in your life.  You feel me?  Yeah there are people that hurt me in the past and present but I never want to forget them.  Those people helped build the person I am today.  I've learned a lot about myself  from all the relationships I've been in whether or not its a friendship type of relationship or a BF/GF type relationship.  Therefore I would never want to forget those people.   

BTW:  I WILL NEVER FORGET MY "SARAH MARSHALL" regardless on how many people tell me too.