Wednesday, October 8, 2008



Yesterday i was listening to 106kmel.  Sometimes I like to see what's being played on the radio. And being interviewed was MURS.  I was surprised to hear an artist like him on the radio station.  I'm glad the radio is finally giving him props!  Dude has been in the game for awhile and I'm glad dude is getting his shine.  To be honest I haven't really listened to any of his material since his early days with THE LIVING LEGENDS but I'm glad i heard him on the radio because if i didn't i wouldn't even think about purchasing his album.  I stayed in the car in the parking lot of the local market because I wanted to hear his interview and hear some of the songs on his album.  And I must say its FRESH!!!  I left the Lucky's parking lot and drove straight to Target to get the album.  LOL!!    Dude has nothing but positive lyrics. NO GUNTALK.  NO PIMP SH*T!  DUDE KEEPS IT REAL!  

The song that stuck out the most is a song called BREAK UP.  Take a real good listen to this song.  He speaks that REALTALK!


Break Up (The Oj Song) - Murs


reegsta said...

yo he's been on MTV hella lately too methinks