Sunday, October 5, 2008


Since I woke up early enough on Saturday morning I told myself "f*ck it!" I'm gonna motivate and get my ass out of bed and go to RUNCLUB.  Plus I really just wanted to eat breakfast at Mama's On Washington Square.  So I met with Mr. and Mrs. Ploomy at their place and we carpooled to the meeting point which was North Point and Polk to meet with Reegsta, Kram and Rach because we were gonna Run/Walk the embarcadero then walk to MAMA's which is located in North Beach.  If you noticed i said, " WE WERE"  LOL!  We ended up hopping into Reegsta's whip and went straight to feed our "food boxes" (belly's).  This was such a great decision because there was a dam line outside the restaurant like there was a damn shoe release or something (word to reegsta).  So we finally get inside and the place smells so GOOD!  Bacon, french toast, pancakes, it was straight up heaven in that place.  Oh forgot to mention ploomy girl #7 works at this establishment.  If you think she looks "fly" in those pictures on PLOOMY you need to see her in person.  I was on BEAST MODE!  She also hooked it up with Crumb cake which was off the charts and a dish called the MONTE CRISTO.  OMG!!!  This concoction was something like no other.  Its basically a Turkey, ham, cheese sandwich dipped in egg and deep-fried and you dip it in jelly.  It may not be the healthiest thing for you but i would eat it daily.  Not to mention that I also ordered a shrimp and avocado omelette and an old fashion crumb cake.  I was pretty full and sleepy after this meal we call breakfast. 


After breakfast I pretty much felt like crap.  So I ended up going to the gym to play some ball with my homie Steve.  After playing ball I had to hurt some feelings and run this fool in some nba 2k8.  If you ask him who is the best in this game he will have no choice but to tell you that "ROLAND IS THE BEST!" 


Around 6:30pm I arrive at Azul lounge to make sure that a High school reunion I helped put together went well.  From the smile and how drunk MJ was I must say it was a success.  It was pretty funny though because it felt like it was straight up Daly city in that piece.  Hella Filipino peeps.  And hella faces I remembered from the past from when I was working in Serramonte mall when I was a Junior in High School.  Let me get back on track.  Being a male of course I had to peep the scene and see if there were any "Honey Dips" (chicks)  and for a hot sec I didn't really notice any until I see this one chick at the check in table.  I was in awwww.  my mouth was literally drooling.  All of MJ's friends were all trying to get me to talk to her and this other one kept on trying to introduce us which she did but she wanted to do it Twice.  LOL!  But anyways lets just say I was too shy which everyone knows that I am not the shy type.  So I didn't really think anything of it.  11pm hit the clock so I said my good byes to all the folks that I new and I went home.  Around 11:30pm I get texts from the homies Calvin and Nate and they tell me that she was looking for me.  I'm like WTF!  According to Nate she went up to Lea and told her I was cute.  YES!!!!!!  And that she went up to FLO asking where I was.  DAMMMMMMIT!!!!  I should have stayed.  What an idiot it I am.  All I know is her name.  Well whatever... That was my Saturday!



Anthony said...

I concur, the monte cristo was goodtastic.

mark said...

the monte fisto sandwich was crucial. i think ploomy girl chick was scared when i mean mugged my order. place is one of the better food establishments in SF.