Thursday, October 2, 2008


So apparently the home girl Pam "knows everything"  she kinda came out the cuts on facebook and asked me to give her a copy of the new NEYO CD.  And she also asked for a quick review of my favorite songs on the Album.  OK fine!  Here it goes.....


First track:  CLOSER
This was the first single off the album to hit the airwaves.  It has the Euro dance feel to it.  I won't front it took me a while to feel this song but after seeing the video I started to feel it more and more (no homo).  Once you hear that beat drop it makes you want to dance like NEYO with the damn leg movement. LOL!!  I would add the song to this entry but you can easily turn your radio and hear it like 20 times in one day.

Second Track:  NOBODY
This song is pretty much a dance/club track that you will probably hear at Top 40 clubs or what not.  It's about a woman in the club who can dance her ass off.  I'm not really feeling this song.  So I won't post it either.

Third Track:  SINGLE
You can also find this song on the NKOTB album.  But who cares about those fools.  It took me a while to feel this song.  But I'm really feeling the lyrics on this one.  This song is about a woman who went to the club by herself because her man or companion didn't take her.  So pretty much she is fair game.  Peep the Chorus: " So you don't gotta be alone, I'll be your boyfriend."  This song is good but not that good.  So once again I will not add the song.

Fourth Track:  MAD
This song right here is really good!  Just listening to the Chorus will make you feel the song, "Girl i don't want to go to bed (mad at you), and i know you don't want to go to bed mad at me."
How many times have you been in an argument with a friend, girlfriend, someone you like and you guys just hang up on each other and you realize that you didn't want to do that because you know your gonna have a hard time sleeping.  Shoot!  I know I have done that. LOL.  Well here is the song

This is one of my favorite joints on this album.  This is also the 2ND single to be released from this album.  I must say GREAT CHOICE as the 2ND single.  I bet you many people purchased the album because of this song.  Once I heard this song i instantly thought about this one person because "she is fly effortlessly !"  NUFF SAID!!!  On the reals though which guy doesn't want an independent chick.  A Chick that can stand on her own two-feet.  No need to add the song on this entry its all over Television and radio.  

I'm not really feeling this track.  Its boring to me so I will proceed to the next song.

This is another song that people can relate to.  Its about a dude who is at his ex's wedding and is tripping over that fact that he is actually at the wedding.  FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND is pretty much self explanatory.  The person you want to be with or was with is with someone else or doesn't feel the same about you, so you just have no choice but to walk away and just fade into the background.  Its a sad but good song.  DAM I'm hella sensitive. LOL!

Eighth Track:  SO YOU CAN SAY
This track is my favorite from this album.  I don't even want to explain what the song is about.  Just listen to it and you tell me what its about.

TRACKS NINE THROUGH TWELVE get no burn from me.  I'm not really feeling them at all.  So from a 12 song album I am feeling half of the songs.  I was hoping that all the songs would be up to par from his last two albums.  

Well hopefully this was great reading material for you PAM and I got that CD burned for you.  Just let me know when you want it.



Pamela said...

Ok... so here is my comment as you requested, and its the least I can do.

First of all, i appreciate your detailed analysis. I've been told that you have something to say.

Second of all, you are quite sensitive... its appreciated.

I was interested by your comment to "so you can say." So before i turned to hear the song, I looked for the lyrics, which I often do, because between you and me although I really love a good beat, its really in the lyrics. The song made me sad, for a quick second. Then I got over it. Lyrics that really made me think were:

And your tears won't bring him back
I know you wish that they did
But it just don't work like that..
I know that healing takes take time
Hey, even your heart has a pace
But, how much time are you gonna take?
Too much would be a mistake...

Many a time, people get sad for absolutely no reason, and I say no reason because really, its just not worth it. Thats all I have to say about that.

So thanks again. I shall buy you pho and in return, you shall give me my CD.