Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm Thirty-one years of blessing!

so about an hour ago I turned 31 years old. I swear i just turned 30 a few months ago. Its crazy how quickly time flies when you are eagerly waiting for the year to end. I'm not gonna do to much on this birthday. Keep it pretty low-key and mellow. I already had my birthday dinner with my family. Moms and Dad asked what i wanted to eat and i told them PHO. So we went to get some PHO. And no I didn't eat red meat (gave it up for lent) I had a pork chop rice plate. Pretty mellow and chill so far, right? Later today I'm gonna go check out the BLU & EXILE show at 330 Ritch with a few folks. That should be dope! Oh I did have a lil bday thing with some homies and homettes at Azul lounge last Saturday and it was chill too. Just like how i wanted it. This time instead of me getting blasted a few of them got blasted. Its felt great having there drinks covered so they didn't have to pay..its kinda like a gift for them for helping me through the shitty 08 i had (wasnt suppose to ever bring that year up again). I even drove too. It felt good!

So yeah, no complains about this year so far and hopefully it stays like this. Everything has been A OK! It feels good to be closer to family again. It feels good to be having some sort of job. Get Live SF is doing really well. I am friends again with someone who is important in my life. And I get to add another year of life and see what this year is gonna bring. The only thing is I Just wish my grandma was still here. But i know shes watching over me and my family now. Miss and love you Mamang.

Here are a few important events that happened on March 25th

1995 Boxer Mike Tyson released from jail after serving 3 years

1996 US issues newly-redesigned $100 bill

1997 Rapper Notorious B.I.G. releases his first posthumous album Life After Death sixteen days after he is killed from gunshots. The double cd is certified ten million copies and debuts at number one.

oh and this one:

1978 The King of The Sunset was Born!!!!