Thursday, January 29, 2009



you see this picture above. Thats Grimlock..dude is a beast! Grimlock is my alias when i am on beast mode. I turn into this dude when I am out hunting. And right now i am on serious beast mode status. I've been peeping this one chick for a min now. And seriously I can't make a move for many reasons which I won't say. But everytime I see this chick the GRIMLOCK comes out. Like i straight up want to just rip her clothes off and handle bizz right there. LOL! REALTALK!! So a friend of mines told me to make that a goal for this year. To smash those.. you know what..HELL YEAH..thats gonna be a goal... yall can call me a dirt bag or whatever you want but seriously I've been nothing but nice to the opposite sex. IM OUT FOR MINES!


reegsta said...

lol haha. are you talking about katy perry?