Monday, December 1, 2008


Had a good Thanksgiving weekend. Smoked the funny cigs with some of my younger cousins. That was a trip. I had to school them how vets do it. Plus my intellectual side came out and they were surprised with what I had to say on every subject matter that came up. 4 people off my list to smoke with.. all I got is 2 more peeps then its cold turkey..I quit before for 2 its highly possible for me to quit again..this time for good.

Had a little shindig at THE ULLOA CASTLE.. it was pretty gnarly! Boy Named Francis was "on one" I was lit and drunk. Big ups to everyone that came out! Left for about an hour to compete in a bus surfing contest. I WON!! to lazy to write about it so peep the story here. Oh yea some dude flipped me off. I was kinda in shock therefore I didn't have a reaction to it. He's lucky he still has his gallon of milk with him! LOL!!

I pretty much took a knife and cut my side open and " spilled my guts!" all good tho.. I feel much better that I did. Gotta say I never did anything like that before it was a trip yet satisfying. I bascially put myself out there for failure. F*&K it! gotta K.I.M

On my way to SACTOWN the place where I will store all my sh*t till I go back to SF..LOL! someone 2 cars ahead of me paid for my bridge toll. That never happened to me before. I feel bad for the car ahead of me because they didn't get free toll. I tried to speed up to give that person the "head nod" and say peace but they jetted off. I think when I go back up to SF this thursday, Im gonna go ahead and do the samething for someone else. (crossing my fingers it will be for a honey-dip)

lyrics::quotes:: lines that are in the Brain

" i wish you the best, I guess..." reegsta you know the deally

"money over b*tches, ni99a stick to the script!" yea sounds messed up..but I need to keep thinking that right now

" anyway... they don't know you like i do, they'll never know you"

" love, live life, proceed..progress"

"F*&K you, Pay me"

" I will not lose!!!!" straight up and down on the reals... one by one i'm gonna jump over these damn hurdles and conquer this bullshit called LIFE!!

quick shouts: Happy Birthday MOM!! love you... Carmi thanks for talking to me last nite, I needed that, To the person who paid my toll: God bless you, Alano thanks again for letting me stay at your pad...lets put one, two or three in the air on thursday when I get back, To all my haters, i say thank you...I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!.. and to YOU..u know who I'm talking too..I just want to say THANKS and happy early bornday

STILL KING OF THE SUNSET.....i just got a bigger place to store my sh*t!!!


Javier Esteban Taco Julio Garcia-Sanchez, Sr. said...

I'm feelin' that John Legend track too!

carmi said...

i'm always here for you no matter what... to talk... to vent... to just hear it as it is... =) and ya that john legend song hits hard! and having your toll paid is awesome! =D