Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I've been having a hard time sleeping once again and it sucks! So what else is there to do but watch re-runs of FRESH PRINCE and blog about random sh*t. So here it goes:

Warriors suck..its time to stop BELIEVING and realize that the warriors suck ass and will never be a contender. And I'm a loyal fan but I recognize real, I know I will die before the Warriors win a chip.

I was having a conversation with a friend earlier today about SHIT GUYS DO FOR THE OPPOSITE SEX.. and she made a great point that "woman don't ask for any of it" which is true. But once you see what we THE GUY has done for you yall love it, right? And why do I do what I do for the opposite sex is all for the outcome, I like to see that smile on your face. Im not doing it just to do it, im not doing it to flaunt it, as sappy or corny it may sound I DO IT JUST TO SEE THAT SMILE!

I noticed that this year I've been more open with my thoughts and feelings. I used to hide everything and just try and keep a straight face and not really show any emotion. But dam this year alone has shown a different ROLS 1

The top song played on my itunes has changed..its not BECAUSE OF YOU by Neyo. The New #1 is SO YOU CAN SAY by neyo..LMAO!!

1 of 1 thats all I gotta say. If you need a more detailed explanation leave a comment and I will explain..

I hate it when I don't have control over certain situations, but thats how life is..I just wish I could have control over this one situation.. That would be RAD

I said this same sh*t last year about this sametime....I can't wait for the new year. Lets just hope its not a continuation from the past 2 years or I will go crazy..

1 of 1 damn thats it!!



reegsta said...

lol because of you [remix] is sitll #1 on my ish. best 99 cents i ever spent!