Tuesday, December 9, 2008



When I get new music I usually try to listen to the album all the way through with no skipping tracks. I try to give the wack songs a chance so thats why I listen to the whole album at least once. So today I got a copy of the new MUSIQ album. I didn't really have high expectations on this album maybe its because his lead single RADIO was pretty much a bust to me. Just from that song alone I was already expecting a crappy album. Or maybe its cuz Neyo is running the r&b game right now. To keep this album review short....This album is actually pretty good. All the ballards are on point but the faster tracks are pretty weak. I'm not really sure what he was thinking when he was writing those songs. He does have one uptempo track called UNTIL which is pretty fresh. I can already imagine everyone bobbing there heads to that track. ( bobbing my head while listening to UNTIL) As I said earlier that his ballards are on point. Here are my favorite tracks off this album:

Ifuleave - Musiq Soulchild feat. Mary J. Blige

Someone - Musiq Soulchild