Wednesday, November 26, 2008


With Turkey Day tomorrow I just want to share what I'm thankful for.....

Even though the past 2 years have been my most challenging years I've had to go through, I still am very thankful for everything and everyone I have. I want to say thanks to my parents for supporting me with every life decision I make. I'm thankful that they are letting me move into there crib while I try to figure things out. I'm Thankful that they are always there for me when I'm in need. And I'm Thankful that they are my parents.

Since Both sets of my parents live outside of San Francisco ( my moms live in the O.C and My dad and step mom aka my other real mom live in sac county) I tend to turn to my 2nd family for guidance and that would be the Homies! I am thankful that they are who they are. I am Thankful that they are caring, thoughtful, patient, loving and funny. Without yall life would just be so bland.

Even though nothing is going my way right now I am still thankful for all these challenges that Im going though. Without these challenges I would have never really found myself. Staying postitive is the hardest thing to do right now but being positive is all i really have.