Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Last night I had a hard time sleeping. What I usually do when I can't sleep is listen to music. So I started to listen to all the Kanye West 808 and Heartbreak songs that were leaked. Everybody already knows about LOVE LOCKDOWN and HEARTLESS so I won't even get into those 2 songs. The song that caught my attention is a song called STREETLIGHTS. We all know that Kanye is going a different route with this new album with all the singing hes doing and that damn autotune. And I know there are hella haters on there hating on Mr. West because they arent used to this type of music coming from him. I don't know about yall but I'm really feeling this type of Kanye ( no karamo). Dude lost his mother, a broken heart from a broken engagement., Dude is just going through the healing process with making music. Can't hate him for that. Feel me?

On this song Yeezy basically repeats the same verse and chorus over and over again. He starts off with:

Let me know
Do I still got time to grow
Things aint always set and stone
Let me know, Let me know
Let me
Seems life

Street lights, glowing
Happen to be just like moments
Passing, in front of me
So I hopped in
The cab and I paid my fairs
See I know my, destination
But I'm just not there


I dig this!!

Streetlights - Kanye West


share-bare said...
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share-bare said...

were my fuckin' bird friends there? was that why?