Thursday, November 13, 2008


So as usual...I'm pretty bored. So i'm looking through the old forums that are posted on the Runclub website. And I found the Runclub rap. lol!! Remember its all out of fun.

OOOOHH MY GOD...Dennis you straight busted an ill rap
thats why run club is fresh..we straight on the map
im gonna try and keep up with your flo
so i will introduce myself.....hello i am RO

Rollin with the homies just like The Movie Clueless
nick ordered the biggest burger once, he said "how can i chew this
he's new to run club so now we own his fate
Tiff says, "how much you got on your muthaeffin plate"

chest plates get kicked in by my homie Gene
if i get into a scrap, i know hes on my team
hes got that black belt i dont know what degree
Mira only eats processed meats, and thats weird to me

G is for gangsta and Geraldine is not
only if she stops smiling like she just got caught...
stealing from reegsta's shoe pile
reegsta got hella shoes, he can walk in them for miles.....

manyhairstyles, that dude is hella savage
he will beat you like meat that you can add to manwhich
sloppy joe steeze....
whose that one chick who rocks hella LAMB...oh thats louise............ZHOR

everyone stand at ease while Ant walks through the door
peep out ploomy and read the money management article you wont be poor
hey steph i heard you like to dance when the warriors score
today we play the hawks, i swear they better not soar

sore is how AL feels after a volleyball game
when he goes to vegas he likes to make it rain
but no champagne in that room is what chris rock states
Arlene wake up! im outside please open the gate

Hey tiff remember that three way action date
if you buy me my Wii you can be my 1st Mate...
she used to work at a hotel like norman bates
4P's is coming soon, its time to get half baked....

baked like how rach makes cupcakes
mark stop shooting three's, use your pump fake
those two are workout savs
they live in an apartment thats hella rad

my bad, i forgot about michelle yuson
she always makes sure she has her snooze on
or i mean pressed...
please puff puff pass and hand it to Trish

hey Sheryl what is your favorite flip dish
is it fish or is it pancit
or is it sinigang or adobo
someone please tell me where the hell is shozo

you know the number one hater
naw im just playing he'll give you a hip toss and get crossed like a fader
roland is as dark as vader
run club runs CALI not the terminator!!!!


reegsta said...

haha you know that's OG when it has the Gene/Mira reference lol...u need a remix to include Dennis and Hap though