Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So yesterday went like this...........We all met up at Felix's spot for pre-drinks and a lil dank because we are going to a concert so of course you need a little enhancement.  Then we cab it to the Fillmore so no one has to drive drunk there and home.  We get the venue and I think we just missed one of the opening acts.  I wasn't really trippin though because I never heard of these bands in my life.  But we did catch the 2nd opening act.  The band's name is MATES OF STATE.  According to a friend they are a husband and wife band and to tell you the truth I was feeling some of there songs.  I don't know the names of any of there songs but one.  Its called GOODS.  Thank again Lauren for all the info.  Here is a youtube video of their song called GOODS.

Its a happy go lucky song which is why I like it.  

Then after a quick intermission the headliner of the show came out, SANTOGOLD.  I must say her show is MAD HYPE.  Without her background dancers/singers her show would just be mediocre.  They remind me of the S1W's.  If you are familiar with Public Enemy they had troops called S1W's that did dance marches.  Well whatever if you know who the S1W's are then you will understand.  Since she's fairly new to me, I don't know any of the titles of her songs but the beats are straight banging!  The most memorable part of the show is when Santogold asked if there were any dancers in the building........  JUST PEEP THIS YOUTUBE CLIP!  Its hella funny. Plus you can see why I feel that her background/dancers were the SH*T.

Did you see the dude in the blue top and gold pants.. dude was straight up weird!  LOL!! The stage was full of weirdo's.

All and all the show was pretty fresh.  I'm probably gonna cop her CD or ask Weezy if she can burn me a copy (texted Weezy for a copy just now).  But I still think M.I.A's show was way better then this one.  

I didn't know we could bring camera's in so I have no pics to post but hopefully the homie NAMRONPROPER will post some at his blog HOPE NOT FEAR

BIG ups to Mark, Shella, Namronproper, Felix, Pam, Lauren and Bobby for kickin it!  


tiffanyblue said...

i am CRAZY jealous that you've seen both MIA and santogold! damn!