Monday, October 13, 2008


Let me make this entry quick.  Last Thursday I went out for my homie JB's bday.  Some other fools who think they are my friends ended up being there.  I know these fools ain't my friends when they talk shit behind my back.  If y'all really want to say something say it to my face.. YA DIG!  Well anyways I was hella drunk off of 15 Sake Bombs.  And I had to drive my homie wades brand new Car home cuz he was pretty BLITZED!!   These fools had the nerve to keep on pouring me more after I told them straight up that I was DONE!  All i heard out there mouth was "come on man, do this for JB" " stop being a punk and drink this."  Honestly I wish i slapped the shit out of them but instead I just looked at them straight in the eyes and said " IM A GROWN ASS MAN, WE AINT 21 ANYMORE!" And they STFU'd..

Real friends know when to say when.



reegsta said...

damn if you had 15 and had to drive, how many did Wade have?

Spike said...

Good for you, dum fucks! But next time if i'm there... take the drink and hand it off to me =)