Monday, October 6, 2008


HAPPY BORNDAY to the homie KRAM!!  Dude I don't know if i can eat dinner with you anymore.  LOL!  This was the 2nd time that bad service followed you when I was present.  At least our food wasn't tampered with with some ugly boobs.  HAHAH.  On the reals though.  That was the first time I didn't leave tip.  Well anyways the waitress was all hung over and all sloppy.  She gets none from us.


It feels good not working graveyard anymore.  I get to see the people I truly missed and adore.  Yea that sounded gay.  But that was realtalk!


We are starting Wednesday bowling nights again starting this Weds.  Who is down?  Oh and Also hoops on Tuesday nights at Westlake gym.  OH IT FEELS GREAT NOT TO BE A VAMPIRE ANYMORE.


Speaking of Vampires I'm really feeling the Song OXFORD COMMA by Vampire Weekend.  Shout out to Alano for putting me on this group.  Every once and a while I do step out of the realm of Hip hop and Rnb and i will get my Alternative on.  Ya heard!


I can't wait for tomorrow!



ROLS TOP 5 BLOGS TO READ as of last week

5. MOS-JEF:  i know its a brand new blog but damn....dude had me crackin up already

4.GRUBADUBDUB:  Just like MOSJEF said "she's spicy and tastes good!" wait is that what he said.  LOL!

3. SHARE'S "TABO" LIST:  reading her blog made me want to start my own.  She's Real with hers!

2. THE UGLY MIND:  Dude had the list of all list on his blog.  Plus He gave the 308 Experiment a shout out!  " WE AT IT AGAIN!"

1. REEGSPEAK:  This blog is probably every body's favorite so it had to be my #1 on this list.  Plus me and dude have so much in common from fashion to music plus we had the " greatest nap"  together on the same couch at Weezys house ie.  Ross and Joey on That friends episode.  LOL.  I must say tho we just finished drinking heavily during the Bay to Breakers. HAHAHAH  NO HOMO!!! 

hopefully no feelings got hurt.  Just update your blogs more often then you too can make this prestigious list. haha




reegsta said...

lol dude i was joking when i said i wanted that #1 spot.

"with greatness comes responsibility"

and yo i don't think my YIM was tripping?

Mos Jef said...

Yeah I want a piece of that spicy GRUB...haha!

rolsuno said...

mos jef: naw son....I'm first in line. hahaha