Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RANDOM ROLS 10/15/08

Just some random sh*t from the brain.

Sorry NKOTB fans but all this talk about them is getting me sick.  Lets talk about the real group New Edition.  Come on now, N.E had way more better songs and more albums.  Don't even try to talk about which group was more talented.  

I don't really watch DANCING WITH THE STARS but wassup with all this talk about that chick Cheryl Burke being overweight.  She's thick and curvy!  I don't know about you but I think her body is banging.  There ain't nothing wrong with a lil baby phat.  She looks better now then when she was skinny.  

I was hanging out with my brother last night and he brought up the most random stuff that I forgot all about.  He asked me if I remembered the time when I attended one of his basketball games I made him point to me every time he scored a basket or I would have to take the shoes I bought for him away if he didn't.  I guess you had to be there cuz that sh*t was mad funny.

So its true that Kanye's new Album entitled 808's AND HEATBREAK is all sung by Kanye using the AutoTune device.  That kinda sucks.  But I'm still interested to hear what its gonna sound like.  Read this FADER article on his listening party that was held in L.A.

If your a Jay-Z fan pick up that new XVIBE magazine.  Its a great read on him.  Plus you can peep out his resume.  Its bananas!

Anyone want to go to the GYM CLASS HERO'S AND THE ROOTS show in San Jose on Saturday?  Trying to recruit more peeps.  




One More Drink - Ludacris Feat. T-Pain

This song is strictly for the clubs.  The beat is catchy and makes you want to find that honey-dip and dance.  The Hook is hella funny.  Enjoy!

" If I have one more drink, I'm gonna end up F&*king you"



Where is Craig Mack these days?

This is one of the illest remix's of all time IMO.  


Spike said...

Random answers... NKOTB was way cuter. Their songs were no where as good as NE but yeah that's why we're all gaga about the New Kids again. I coulda gone to the concert but I figure... if they've only released 2 new songs.. that means they'll probably concentrate the set list on the old songs. Bleh! If they tour again next year i'll go cause the new songs are much better. Even if you don't like'em, and i don't think you do... you gotta admit their new stuff is better than their old stuff.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say. I saw on Yahoo the other day that Vibe magazine named Eminem the "best rapper of all time". I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on that subject. Here's the link.


reegsta said...

damn i wonder if Kanye's album is finalized.

and that song is one of the greatest remixes ever

mark said...

i never understood craig mack's verse.

"its been 3 years since your last year"

Why does Biggie always mentions ransom notes and kidnapping and keeping people in the basement?

I think LL came pretty hard on the track (no homo). Word to mama i tounge kiss a pirhana...electricute a barracuda, i'm hear to bring the drama.

tiffanyblue said...

i heart joey! sorry man, you just gonna have to grin and bear it because the new kids talk won't let up for a little bit. from my end at least.

and i might be interested in the gch/roots show. will let ya know tomorrow

rolsuno said...

TIFFB...let either reegs or myself know if your down.. better yet let reegs know. since I already got my ticket. HOLLA