Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I gotta keep these " WHAT ROLS DID ON SATURDAY" posts coming for the homie Sean. Since that's all he reads from my blog.

BORNDAY SHOUTS ON THAT SATURDAY: Big ups to Rach aka "Sweets" and Jenny P. Hope yall had a great birthday!


So my Saturday went like this: I get a call from Reegsta at 7:25am that he is almost at my house so we can go to runclub/walkclub/ and now bike club at the GG bridge. We load up the Bikes into Reegsta's whip and drive to the meeting point. When we get to the Fort Scott parking lot its just A BOY NAMED FRANCIS waiting for us. Unloaded the bikes and rode to the GG bridge to the end then back. After the ride once again my ass was hurting ( Pause) I really need to get those padded shorts soon. For breakfast we went to Home Plate which has the best scones and jam! If you haven't eaten there I suggest you holler at me and treat me to breakfast. LOL! After breakfast The duke of ulloa (alano), The prince of the Ville (reegsta) and myself the king of the sunset (rols) went back to the KINGDOM of ULLOA and took naps. The nap part always happens after RUNCLUB.


I went to Mercury Lounge in the Folsom area to meet up with some friends to celebrate the homie Phils bday. The place is pretty nice. They got a fly bartender which adds points to the place. I didn't get to try the food because I was late but everyone said it was good. But Anup aka Autodraft made me think twice about eating there because he said he yakked twice. Or maybe he was just being Maarte (spelling). Tried a shot called Chocolate cake. It was pretty good cuz it really taste like chocolate. Around 12ish Tiffanyblue, Reegsta, MosJeff, Alano and myself went to Azul because I had to make sure that everything was going well with my friend who was celebrating her bday there because I helped her get the spot. Hopefully she enjoyed the Bottle of Bub I got them. Inside we get more faded and I'm all stealing cupcakes, lumpia, chicken wings and crab cakes from the kitchen area cuz im mad drunk and hella hungry.

Lets cut this story short.

MosJeff: was hella faded he kept asking me about my friends sister. " The girl in the gold dress." Dude gets so Star Struck. He got all excited when we saw Steve Jackson and Al Harrington in there cars. While hopping on Tiff and Reegstas lap, " STEVE JACKSON!!!"

TiffanyBlue: Faded! she left her credit card at azul.

Reegsta: Faded but he don't like to eat when it gets dark..LOL

Alano: Faded but a veteran driver

Rols: BLASTED! head was spinning!


BONUS:2 pics from the ride



carmi said...

yes you spelled maarte right... =P