Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Everybody has there FAVORITE things in life aka "GO TO".... Here are some of my "GO TO" things i like.

" Go to" movie- BROWN SUGAR: Everybody likes movies with happy endings. And this movie has a great happy ending. I won't get into it since some of you might not have watched it yet. Plus it has a great soundtrack. There are classic hip hop songs played throughout the movie. Also I like how they tie in the Hip hop culture to relationships. If you haven't watched it yet, i advice you rent it or buy it.

" Go to" basketball move- POST UP THEN TO A SCOOP SHOT: y'all know damn well i can shoot the lights out from the THREE. If you don't believe me come guard me. But I have been working on my post up game more. So I can be unstoppable in the paint. Once i get the ball in the post i will either do 1 of 2 things: pass the ball to an open player or take one dribble in the paint and scoop shot it.

"Go to" song- GO ON GIRL: Ne Yo summed it up with " I'm to fly to be depressed!" WORD UP!

"Go to" move on a chick- KISS AND LICK AROUND THE EARLOBE AND BEHIND THE EAR: this works for me all the time. If you ladies don't believe come test me. LOL!!

"Go to" outfit- Jeans (STF), Stussy Tee, Stussy Jacket and some Fresh out the box kicks and a fresh taper. I feel like a million bucks and invincible.

"Go to" food- BURRITO: You can't go wrong with a burrito. Burritos have everything you need: Rice, choice of meat, veggies and beans. And ever since ALANO introduced me to this Orange sauce from some spot in San Jose, Burritos just got way better.

"Go to" Fast food joint- Jack and a Crack: you can never go wrong with 2 tacos for 99cents and a chicken sandwich for the same price. Just don't go to the one near San Jose state that place sucks cuz it cost more then a buck for 2 tacos.

"Go to" dessert- MITCHELL'S MANGO ICE CREAM: The best ice cream ever made. That's why a gallon cost so much. But nothing beats waiting in line on a warm night at the Mitchell's shop.

"Go to" weekend getaway- VEGAS: I'd take busy night life over a place with a beach any day. Growing up in the city you tend to not want to leave the city life. You can only stay at a beach for so long. Shoot if you want a beach they even got fake ones in Vegas. And we know damn well your Vegas trip had more stories to tell then a one week trip to an island. Well my Vegas trips do.

"Go to" porn site- PORNHUB.COM: you might be saying to yourself, " did he really just write that?" your damn right I did. Thanks to MosJef b/w of Reegsta for this site. Those nights when I can't sleep are easy taken care of now. LMAO... YEAH YEAH TMI! get over it.. I'M A FREAKIN BEAST!!

"Go to" television show- HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: This show has just surpassed FRIENDS as my favorite show of all time. Real life experiences and a hot ass plain jane chick make this show one of the best. I just finished watching seasons 1-3 and it was great. I suggest your start watching this show and you will thank me later!

"Go to" album to listen to- MISEDUCATION OF LAURYN HILL: I miss Lboogie. She was the real deal. I can just sit in my room and press play and just listen to this album all the way through. That is unheard these days to listen to an album all the way through, usually you have to press NEXT to skip a song but on this album you don't want to skip any songs because you want to know what shes gonna say next.

"Go to" adult beverage to quench my thirst-CROWN AND COKE: I can't handle Jack Daniels anymore i need something more smooth and a KING always needs his crown so CROWN AND COKE is the drink of choice. I tend to kill my drinks quick though, so double fist.


carmi said...

are you talking about the sauce from la vic's?!?!?! heehee... and anything @ mitchell's is awesome!! =D

reegsta said...

dude brown sugar is my go to flick too when im disenchanted with hip-hop.